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I have been into offshore project management since the beginning of 2011, where I have taken and got projects executed from India for small to mid sized french clients. I have been good into user friendly product design and writing down functional documents for developers based in India, as well as following the evolution of projects till the completion of the product.

During this time, I have seen what works and what doesn’t – offshore projects are more profitable compared to employing people locally, however managing offshore projects can be extremely diffcult at times, due to the difference of time zone, cultural aspects, distant communication, etc. This is where I have specialised in by working over the last 3 and a half years – effective offshore project management with India.

Prior to that, I did my masters from the University of Delhi (North Campus), a very well reputed University of India, and worked in the hospitality industry for a couple of years in Paris before converting myself to web projects. I developed (conception + wireframing + template + html + css + javascript + php + mysql) web projects for 4 years between 2006 and 2009 doing the full project cycles. Apart from French and English, I also speak the two most used languages of India : Hindi and Bengali with equal ease as my mother tongue.

On the side and as a hobby, I developed the 1st ever web platform for the expatriate Indians who are visiting France, which developed into one of the two largest expatriate web platforms during 2006 – 2009, the other one being that of the Americans. The project was then moved to Facebook when that became prominent, and together, in the two platforms I have a combined population of close to 10 000 Indians (and Indophiles) who are somehow linked to India, including many project managers from different aspects working for top Indian and French companies.

I have my linked in page for those who want to have a look. There is also a page on India in Scoop It I am maintaining for some time. Recently, I have also started to use the Meet Up platform to organise India oriented events in Paris.

This website aims to help other project managers who are working from France with their Indian counterparts with information of various kinds. Hope this project will also be a useful one.

Besides being a specialist in offshore project management with India, I also propose my services as a trainer for other project managers who are working or wish to work with India.

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